How to Use a Blindfold for Better Sex


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It’s not all about just placing on a blindfold and put on some Marvin Gaye and “get it on.” There are numerous ways to ensure that you’ll get pleasure from each moment carrying a blindfold. The first time I was blindfolded by a partner was a watch-opening expertise. Well, not literally of course, but by taking away my sight, I needed to ‘see’ with my other senses – sound, contact, taste and smell extra fully and intensely.

If I want to improve my other senses by not seeing, then I simply close my eyes, or we’ve sex at midnight. Having a blindfold would really feel too restrictive and claustrophobic, too submissive and victimizing, as an alternative of mutual and loving. She primarily wants to offer you control, so bear in mind the immense power and duty that comes with that.
If your the dominant, follow what it feels prefer to healthily take management in the bed room. This could contain teasing or edging, proscribing motion, making sexual and even non-sexual orders. This is where it is so important to speak about what’s desired and what isn’t.