Hemp Oil Uses for a Healthy Life


Hemp oil is derived from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp is a hardy and fast-growing plant regarded by many as nature’s best source of many products including fuel, fiber, construction materials and foods. The flowers of the cannabis plant are known to bring about some hallucination effects, but this is not the case with the fatty oils that come from the hemp seeds. In fact, these fatty oils have been thought to be some of the most beneficial supplements for someone to take as part of an active, healthy lifestyle. This is one of the many known hemp oil uses.

Hemp oil is truly one of the most advantageous oils on the planet when used on the human body. It is one of the oils that can provide all the Essential Fatty Acids (EFAS) that a human body needs. The oil contains 55% linoleic acid and 25% linolenic acid – what we more commonly known as Omega 6 and Omega 3, respectively. Hemp oil also contains globule edestins, a rare protein that is very similar to the protein globulin found in human blood plasma. What is not commonly known among hemp oil uses is that the rare protein globule edestins found in the oil are very important for the formation of antibodies used for fighting infections and diseases.

Healthy Hemp Oil Uses

Aside from preventing infections and maintaining health, other hemp oil uses include improving many health-related conditions. Those who suffer from skin infections and conditions like psoriasis, eczema and acne have successfully used this oil to keep these conditions at bay. In most cases, the oil is used as a topical treatment on dry and irritated skin as it serves as an excellent moisturizer. It is also used by women to treat premenstrual tension. This is because it possesses gamma linoleic acid, also known as Super Omega 6.

Extensive studies have determined that many common illnesses, such as arthritis, are related due to deficiencies in some essential fatty acids, specifically Omega 3, 6 and 9. People past the age of 60 often have problems with their joints, and those who have successfully used hemp oil to fight this have compared it to putting oil in your car’s engine. The oil helps to lubricate the system. The effect is similar when using hemp oil to fight arthritis. The presence of the EFAs in hemp oil works almost perfectly to meet the requirements of the body.

There is no other plant known to contain the essential fatty acids required by the body than the hemp seeds from the cannabis plant. The EFAs are contained in a form that is easily digestible by the human body. Hemp oil contains the EFAs in a perfect ratio for meeting human nutritional needs.

There are many other industrial uses of hemp oil other than the mentioned nutritional benefits. It is substituted for petroleum products in machines for lubrication. Hemp oil candles have become popular in the recent past. They are preferred by many as they do not use petroleum-based kerosene as the burning medium. These are some of the reasons why hemp oil should become a mainstay in this industry.

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